We will create a professional catalogue of your collection by photographing each work, systematically
archiving the original paperwork and include information required for any future transactions.

You may then choose to safeguard this information in your own secure computer management system
which we will adapt to fit your collection.

Post acquisition

We complete all paperwork, establish condition reports, advise on insurance and
manage transport with professionals.


Hire us to supervise your institutional loans.

We handle all communication and coordinate contracts, insurance and transport
with the hosting institution.

Third-party services :

Let us use our network of specialists to complete any service related to your collection:
Restoration | Framing | Condition report | Packing and transport | Storage | Insurance


Let us conduct a market appraisal of your art collection for insurance purposes.
This appraisal may be ongoing and values may be adjusted according to the market.

Add value to your collection

Allow us to verify your art works’ origins and various proofs of authenticity.
We will reconstitute the ownership timeline of each work and create a bibliography
for the collection, showcasing its historical and cultural significance.

Consider publishing a book or catalogue devoted to your collection.

Host an event to inaugurate a recent acquisition or a new installation.
We will manage its organization, invitations and media.