Getting to know the collector is an essential part of what we do. A new collector may need help developing
a theme for 
their style collection or finding a vision that corresponds to a personal philosophy. If the collector is
more experienced, we will work to understand their tastes, motivation and the purpose of their collection.
Once we know the collector, the relationship can develop.

As your advisor, we may help give a collection direction by proposing areas of development or suggesting and
researching acquisitions which match the collection and the collector’s vision.
Having a personal art advisor means having a professional in your corner at all times. We give advice that is
grounded in a thorough understanding of contemporary art, the art market and the client’s objectives.
We work to establish clear, but flexible terms based upon your needs. 


  • You would like to begin collecting contemporary art or you already have a collection that you
    would like to develop.

    We will work to help you define the element which unites your collection: a theme, a period,  a geographic region, etc.
  • You have a collection, but no time to manage new purchases, their transport, framing, hanging
    and conservation. Nor do you have the time for the subsequent paperwork involving loans and
    We will manage all of these details making sure that your paperwork is in order and your archives up to date.
  • You have a passion for collecting and enjoy making purchases at art fairs, galleries and from other
    collectors. However, you sometimes need professional advice from a third party concerning the work’s condition, origin and value to determine if the price is fair.

    We will give you this advice and if unable, we will work through our network of contacts so that you’ll have the information you need in a timely and confidential fashion.
  • You have taken over or inherited a collection and would like to estimate its value.
    Or, you need to make an inventory and organize the collection in a simple yet effective manner.

    We will do everything needed to make a professional and modern inventory of your collection:
    from photographing the pieces to developing a computerized data base containing information
    pertinent to your collection including up-to-date value estimates of the individual works of art. 
  • Perhaps you would like to help others to appreciate the collection by creating a document or a publication about the collection. Or add to your own appreciation by developing a library which documents the pieces within the collection.
    We will put our academic background in art history to work for you and oversee the publication process.